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Harris, G. As doctor writes prescription, drug company writes a check. The New York Times , June 27 , p. Guilty plea seen for drug maker.

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The New York Times , July 16 , p. Lenzer, J. Scandals have eroded US public's confidence in drug industry.

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Kaufman, M. Drugs get good ratings, but drug-makers less so. Washington Post , February 26, , p.

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Eaton, M. Finegold, D. Download references. The authors thank Deborah Flynn for help with the survey instrument and excellent administrative support, Steve Casper for his helpful suggestions and Tiffany Sun for advice and editing.

Ethical decision-making in bioscience firms

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Discussion of bioscience ethics requires understanding of the science that underpins biological systems impinging on our lives. Unencumbered by the formal structure of ethics, bioethics presents a forum for discussion of practical matters of individual and collective concern.

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This comprehensive text is a guide to the essentials of bioscience ethics and an interface between applied science and applied bioethics. Early chapters embrace topics affecting human reproduction — substance abuse and parenthood, aging gametes and congenital malformations, child abuse and its biological consequences.

Intermediate chapters deal with end-of-life care and euthanasia, human fertility, assisted reproductive technologies, genetic engineering, and cloning. Remaining chapters challenge human-dominated ecosystems. Population growth, economic activity, and warfare — with its environmental consequences — are reviewed.

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A background section describes the evolution of ethical consciousness, explores the future, and proposes that the reworking of ethical boundaries can enhance mature decision-making in harmony with changing technology. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. Buy eBook.