Exposed, photographed and fucked: An erotic short story of a wife willingly seduced by a stranger

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I put my panties back on to soak up his cum. There wasn't much but I didn't want to walk in the house with his cum running down my leg. However, he didn't fuck me on the train so maybe he doesn't count. Matters not.

There was the older gentleman; Tim, who said he was a carpenter; Jeff, who was the youngest at twenty one; and George, who had the biggest cock I'd had up to that time. I remember I was sore for two days after he fucked me. There was the middle-aged guy, whose name I forget, and the last one never told me his.


He was tall and slim and had the smallest penis I'd ever seen, even to this day. I did have sex with a couple of them multiple times, but only the ones I really liked and definitely not George, he was way too big for me at the time. I'd have no trouble today though. I was eighteen when I had sex with more than one guy, something I had been wanting to do ever since I was ten years old. I'd never had anal sex either. You like anal sex Sean? My girlfriend at the time kept pestering me to "fuck me up my ass, Sean," as she put it.

You ever analyzed yourself? I mean, you must treat a lot of women who are obsessed with sex! The women who come to me are very upset at the feelings they have. They have an overwhelming urge to have sex with as many men as possible; but, afterwards, they always feeling dirty and degraded. I never have those feelings. I'd probably be thinking more about what it would be like to have sex with them than trying to help them. Where was I? I recollect he was an auto mechanic because he fixed my old car one time for free.

He would sit at the counter and we would chat. I steered the subject around to sex by telling him a small lie. I told him I had a girlfriend who had sex with more than one guy at the same time and I asked him if that was a man's ultimate wish.

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He was hooked! Now, all I had to do was reel him in. I asked him if he found me attractive and, of course, he did; so, I told him it was a fantasy of mine to have sex with two men at the same. My conversation with Fred, over the next week, led to an arrangement to meet at a local Hampton Inn the coming Friday evening at six. He had a very good friend who he was going to bring along.

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I had never been so excited in my life. I was about to experience a new feeling - anal sex, as well as sex with two men at the same time. Friday arrived and I met Fred in the lobby of the hotel where he introduced me to his friend, whose name was Jimmy. I was glad to see that he was a good looking guy, around five-ten and medium build. We took the elevator to the third floor and Fred used the card to open the bedroom door. It was a large room with a king-sized bed. I pulled the covers all the way to the bottom of the bed and went to the bathroom.

I was about to have sex with two good looking guys. Back in the bedroom, Fred was already naked on the bed sporting a nice erection while Jimmy was still taking his boxers off. I think he was a little shy, as he held his hands in front of his cock. I took his hand and led him to the bed where I started performing oral sex on him.

I was on my hands and knees and Fred didn't need any hints as he was behind me rubbing his cock head up and down my wet cleft.

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He landed at the opening of my vagina so I pushed back, feeling him slip inside me. I was enjoying the sensation of being fucked from behind, something new. I could tell both men were close to cumming so I sat up and asked whether they had drawn straws to see who was going to fuck me in my ass. Apparently they discussed it and it was Jimmy who volunteered; so, Fred lay on his back and I straddled and guided his cock to my pussy and he pushed in. I think Jimmy didn't quite know what to do so I told him to just treat my ass like it was a pussy.

It was an incredible feeling to have two cocks inside me separated by only a thin membrane. They were out of sync to start with, but soon got into a rhythm. Didn't take long for Jimmy to cum followed soon after by Fred. After a few minutes they both got dressed and left. I needed a bath, so I stayed for an hour soaking in a nice hot tub. It was the most incredible experience in my young eighteen years, one that I would enjoy again several times. The last was two months ago when Fred managed to find a third guy to participate. I glanced at the clock; damn, time flies.

It was three o'clock in the morning and I would normally have been in bed hours ago. But listening to Angela's story had consumed me; it was a riveting tale and if I had been into women, instead of young girls, I would have blown a wad in my pants hours ago listening to Angela's detailed descriptions of her sex life. I was a little surprised; but, when he told me it was a very open marriage, and that he knew all about the men she had sex with, that made me feel better.

In fact, he said they had great sex after she told him what she had done with a stranger she picked up in a bar. Anyhow, Elena, his wife, had been asking about me and whether we could have a threesome. He invited me to come to their house the next Saturday night. I turned up and he introduced me to her.


She was obviously of Latino heritage, somewhere in her family tree, as she was beautiful, had gorgeous light-brown flawless skin and, when she was undressed, she had the perkiest tits I had ever seen, with dark brown areolae and quite large nipples, especially considering she had small breasts; an A-cup, if I remember rightly. She had a very petite body; she was more like a thirteen year old, narrow hips and slim thighs.

It was her pussy that I liked the best; it was quite pronounced and had the largest labia I have ever seen! She was an incredible kisser. I think she had four orgasms that night, the most she said she'd ever had in one session. Fred gave her the first while he fucked her; I gave her the second as Fred fucked me from behind while I went down on her. Let me tell you, the sight of her open pussy was incredible!

With the fairly dark skin of her outer labia, against the bright pink inside, it was stupendous! I gave her the third while Fred fucked her in her ass and I ate her out. I'm not sure who made her cum for the fourth time, as we were all moaning and groaning at that point.

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