The Seventh House

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Seeking out new relationships during this transit may make you consider deeply about what exactly you are looking for. You may seek out someone who is very stable during this time. Daydreaming or having fantasies about potential relationships in your life. During this time you are willing to sacrifice for your lover. Transiting Venus Trines Natal Neptune Like the sextile, it carries sensitive and romantic energy in subtle, pleasant ways. New relationships started under this transit feel very spiritual.

If you are in an existing relationship, it may be time to evaluate whether or not you guys are soul-mates. Meeting new love interests under this transit makes you infatuated and obsessed with them. Transiting Venus Squares Natal Pluto Emotional transformations generally happen during a transit like this. Could be for better or for worse. New relationships started under this transit seem to have some sort of magnetism to them.

They are intense and magical. Transiting Venus Conjuncts Midheaven Good transit for marriage and a good day to confess love to someone. Transiting Venus Trines Midheaven A good transit for sorting out difficulties and mending a relationship. Time to put everything out in the open and allow love to heal it. Transiting Venus Conjuncts Ascendant The likelihood of meeting a new love interest during this time is great. It is also a good time to mend broken relationships. Go out with friends, have a good time and then you will be able to seek a new love interest.

Transiting Venus Opposites Ascendant A good day to introduce yourself to potential love interests. Indicates the beginning of new love relationships.

Moon in the 7th house in astrology (Moon in the seventh house)

Very good time to be going out and meeting people. Transiting Sun Conjuncts Natal Venus You will crave attention during this time and you will do a great effort to get the attention you think you deserve. You may also find a new love interest. Also a good time to talk about your relationship with your lover. Indicates love-hate relationships and tension. Sexual desires run high.

The Seventh House

Transiting Jupiter Conjuncts Natal Venus On the rare occasion that a relationship starts under this transit, it is extremely favourable and successful. Also beneficial to existing relationships. New relationships started under this transit are often very significant. The sextile symbolizes a longer lasting relationship than the trine, but you should check other transits to see the success in that. Transiting Saturn Conjuncts Natal Venus Relationships started under this transit are likely due to fate and bring great significance to your life.

Relationships will be looked at more practically and seriously with this transit. It will stop your breath, how cruel I can be. You are clever enough. I am a demanding creature. I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable. My mate cannot be less than I.

House (astrology)

It is behaviour we are comfortable with, something that comes naturally to us. Planet ruling the sign of the Ascendant is the ruler of the chart. Seventh House is our lesson of balanced relationships with others - traditionally it belongs to Libra, sign of balance. Descendant is our un-integrated Self. Originally posted by therainbowoverme-blog. The other half of me is perfectly describing what Asc-Desc is all about.

Descendant holds the key for solving the issues of the first house. Aries Rising? Libra Rising? The traditional interpretation of a synastry or composite having lots of sextiles, trines, and conjunctions being wonderful is relevant so long as the natives prefer predominantly having softer connections.

The natural cooperation and peace that goes with it can ease one person while boring another. Those with more soft aspects in their chart have a good chance of preferring a continuation of such energies. I personally believe squares and oppositions can be incredibly fun and underrated because it feels good to learn how to chase and earn a connection. A relationship built up from learning how to understand the various inclinations of one another while still having strong, consistent personalities feels satisfying.

Anyone with more hard aspects in their chart would have a higher chance of being drawn to this as well.

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Overlays onto certain houses can only be as effective as much as someone prefers a house. Someone with a dominant Neptune and twelfth house stellium may enjoy twelfth house overlays much more because they are already familiar with said energy. Having a lot of seventh house overlays can only be so effective if the partner personally enjoys feeling mirrored and copied. An Aries Venus is more likely to enjoy fire houses just as a Capricorn Venus will probably appreciate prominent synastry Saturn overlays and aspects. Paying attention to planet rulers, such as Mars to Aries or Saturn to Capricorn, can be helpful.

As previously referenced, Moon, Mars, and Venus can go a long way with figuring out why someone is drawn to something. For example, a Virgo Venus has a good chance of seeking out synastry with many aspects to Mercury, air house overlays, and sixth house overlays. This is because of how attractive they find the qualities of Mercury and how important the intelligence related themes of Mercury are to them. Air houses are naturally about communication and the sixth house is home to Virgo.

A Taurus moon will likely crave comfort, aesthetics, and financial stability which earth house overlays can definitely provide. This is all relative of course as personal choice overrides everything but it can explain reoccurring patterns. If two people choose to get to know one another, then the role of the synastry chart is essentially to determine what themes that connection will have, where there will be smooth sailing, and what aspects they can strengthen by being self aware enough to work on them.

Whether something is lasting or not, essentially having an aspect both in synastry and natal is about learning how to properly process and work on it. For example, someone with Venus square Neptune can learn their blind spots by seeing how much they idealize another in Synastry. Another emotionally prevalant aspect in both natal and compatibility related charts is Mars square Pluto. The inclination of both planets is generally protective but it can also come off as selfish because of how focused they are on being having a claim on their lover.

When immature, this can lead to a lot of emotional pain but with maturity, the tendencies become tamed and only add to the passion. This is assuming someone is using astrology as a means to self reflect and improve. Some of my personal favorite overlays and aspects are the ones that require effort and time to learn how to properly handle which reflects off my Capricorn Venus.

Saturn in the first house may feel intimidating because it immediately makes the relationship feel restrained, like you need to be on your best behavior near the house person who takes on Saturn traits. That said, ultimately it can show how much room there is for improvement and be fulfilling in the long run.

This can be great in a work environment or go up in flames depending on how self aware everyone involved is. Kind, social, pretty popular unless other influences say otherwise.

Big romantics!! Could possibly be superficial to some degree? JavaScript is required to view this site.

The Seventh House: About You

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Show more notes. Places to look in the chart for love Venus is the planet of love, relationships and friendships and gives us insight as to the qualities that we admire in others but also the ideal nature of our connections. Along with this, planets in the fifth and seventh houses can give indications as to our relationships with others, as well as the sign on the seventh house cusp.

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Quick note. Venus squares in the houses. Originally posted by fuckyeahfluiddynamics Venus in square or opposite to planet in the first house: Ego disrupts the partnership. Venus in square or opposite planet in the third house: confusion avenue -for these natives it can be a bit of a mental playground-they can have a moody sense of self, that changes faster than the weather. Venus in square or opposite planet in the fourth house: Emotionally stunted. Venus in square or opposite planet in the 5th house: Attention deficit -these natives have a very unconscious desire for attention, be it emotional, be it physical, be it mental-they in some way shape or fashion need that life force in order to feel competent and content otherwise they act out in passive aggressive ways that actually undermine their own connections with others.

Venus in square or opposite planet in the 6th house: over critical docter -there is a focus on perfection, these natives can often spend a lot of time into perfecting themselves and trying to uphold mental standards for those around them as well that can be both unrealistic and unfair. Your relationships can often take ages to begin mainly because your lovers can feel very intimidated to make any wrong moves with you often creating a emotional Barrier on both ends.