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Of course, not me. That always means offending some readers. I also type or write whatever comes to my head, no matter how inane it may seem at first.

Helps focus on what reviewers will notice, good and bad. Sometimes when we get outside of ourselves we see things from a fresh perspective. Many of your tips involve capturing VIVID imagery — either through experience, reflection, or by adapting your writing environment. That is one writing tip that always sees me through.

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Great Article! These posts about better writing is the best we could get. Concrete and sometimes subtle techniques that really make a difference. Really thanx for what is one more time a great resource. Excellent article, thanks. Wow, awesome post copyblogger! Sometimes in PR, we get so bogged down writing or re-writing annual releases that we forget how to be fresh, even when something really newsworthy comes along. These tips will really help to keep us on our toes as writers. I record many random thoughts, story ideas, quotes I hear etc. Later, when I get home, I review them for inspiration.

And sometimes, it makes facing the blank screen much easier. Try writing without thinking about accuracy.

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I find that not worrying about errors left brain allows for easier flow of thought left brain. Then go back and correct later. Saves time also. Wow, what great suggestions. From my perspective, your first draft is to get your thoughts and information down, from that point on, your job is to clarify and communicate your ideas. Less is more is generally right.

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As well as asking other people for criticism, why not write with them in the first place? Writing collaboratively is a great way to learn from others. Absolutely, this post is great. Thanks for such a huge and precise list mary. Addition: read Dr. Khurram Zahid Look closely how successful writers make sentences.

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Use on item or idea per card. Stack the card in order and type them in to develop a first draft. Zoltan Bedy Force yourself to disconnect for a while each day — turn off cell phone, Blackberry, iPod, music, email, Twitter, conversation with others. Larry Put on your reviewer hat and write a review of your own article or story. Gretchen Visualize the person you are communicating with: What do their eyes reflect as they read this?

What will the first thing they might say in response? Jennifer Do what works for you Nikki Cooke Always call a spade a spade. David Cervantes Try writing without accuracy. Not worrying about errors left brain allows for easier flow of thought right brain. Big A Cut the crap Rurunavira When in doubt, cut it out.

Matt Write collaboratively Birdfreak Read Dr. I have learnt that there is a time for writing and there is a time for editing. Sometimes if you want to do two of them in the same time you become too critical about what you just wrote. To overcome it, try to write few sentences to state a thought and then start editing. I have a white board in my office. I bring my laptop and write on the train during my commute — and now I write more outside that time, too.

I like these ideas to become a better writer. I have used several of them this summer and legitimately feel like i am a much better writer.

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If you only eat junk your mental capacity diminishes, not to mention that focusing becomes nigh impossible. Love your tools. As St. Study nature for simile possibilities. The list a prayer. When you reach a block, e. It allows your thoughts to run free. Practise condensing.

Write a synopsis and then condense that. Evaluate and learn from the differences. I published two articles on Associated content you may be interested in. They tie in very nicely with your list. There are great ideas on the list and some great ideas in the comments that followed.

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I hope you will read and enjoy my articles. Harnessing the power of your emotions. My favorite is Thanks so much for the great list — it is a must have for anyone who writes!! Trick yourself into starting — you only need to commit to 15 a day to get sucked into more. Thank you! A writer writes, and having written, moves on to write something else, because a writer is only a writer when in the act of writing; when she is not writing, she is something else.

I like a little more free-form structure… to start with. Great article! Thanks for tip 60, I had not heard of that book. I have tweeted this article. Suggestion — have a button to tweet the article for people who want to do that. Loves fun and laughter, wine, eating and staying in evenings. Great sense of humour!!! Does anyone else feel this way? Perhaps readers would like to suggest some reasonable alternatives? My Synonym Finder by J.


Rodale is never far from my desk. Hemingway supposedly read his pages and, when he found a sentence he particularly liked, crossed it out. The idea was that such sentences were written to be admired by other writers, not to communicate with the reader. Blank pages are scary.

Tremendous resource. Thanks so much for compiling the list. One thing I think might be missing from this discussion — and which would provide some potential filters for the list is an examination of WHY we write. Depending on your profession, personal aspirations or personal stage of enlightened development, the function writing plays in your life can be very different.

And as with all things, your goals can certainly shape your path, and the steps best to explore along it. I must say that all of these will be helpful in the future.

I have a tip for writing as well: When you are at a complete loss for words literally and have no idea what to write, get a piece of paper and a pen that no longer has any ink. Just do it like you normally would. Trust me. It works amazingly.

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I am so anxious to become a better writer! I feel a real fire inside to do this.